What are you making?

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   I find myself creating new ideas for what I should do next for my home, with my kid's, for the business, for personal growth and then almost immediately finding something less needed and more fun to occupy my time with instead. BUT I created the idea and I plan on doing it eventually...

   You ever see the meme saying to have Project A and Project B so when your bored with one you can procrastinate it's progress by working on the other but not feel bad because either way your making progress on a project?

   I have a masters degree in multi project procrastination! I never lack in new ideas. I lack the drive to complete them in a timely manner. WHY??? IDK!!! It's like productive self sabotage at this level because when you never actually finish anything your completely sabotaging yourself. 

   Over the last 6 months I have made more progress on my projects then I ever have. I finished a couple I started years ago and never touched again. It was around project 5 or 6's completion that I realized some of these took less than an hour to finish... WTF had I been waiting for this whole time?? ISDK!! 

Today when I'm stalled out on a project I ask myself,


Are you making





You Got This!

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