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   Far too many of us regularly have to choose between one thing or another that we want to do because of a myriad of different reasons. Work schedule, family obligations, social circle or lack there of and the list goes on. Nobody should have to pick and choose between their desired self care options. I have never understood how our society hasn't instilled self care time in our regular routines.
I talk to several people a week spanning diverse backgrounds and they all have the same complaint. "I'd love to commit to yoga but I can't find the time in my schedule."
Let me get this straight...
YOU don't have time in YOUR schedule for YOURSELF???
HTF & WTF are we living like this???
   It's time to make self care a priority! If you can't find a few hours for yourself throughout the week then what is the point of being alive??? Stand up for your self care. If your job wont help you make time for yourself in your own life then maybe it's time to find a new job. Working for any business or company that doesn't care about it's employees is like saying you too do not care about yourself. Staying in a relationship with any partner that doesn't help you balance home and family responsibility's so you can make time for yourself is definitely not the partner for you. That's a huge red flag to GTFO. If your friends always drag you along to their desired entertainment and self care needs but wont make time for yours, are they really your friend? Probably not!
   It's time to cut ties with any job, relationship, or friendship that does not help build you up. Is it hard at first? Yes! However, once you place yourself first and everything else in your life second, thing's will eventually start to naturally fall into place for you. This time last year I was still trying to figure out how to make this work. Fast forward to present day and I am 100% #1 everyday, and I am happy!!!
If you have children and are trying to figure out how this is not selfish to place yourself as #1 everyday, I will ask you how your children will ever be happy if you are miserable? My kid's like me a lot more now that I am actually happy everyday and they seem a lot happier in turn.
You Got This!

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