The Struggle Is Real...

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   You will never see a spider tangled in a web like this image depicts. Why?? The simple answer is balance. They spend there lives spinning webbing and sticking it together with such artful skill it look's effortless as they place each strand with care. A spider can put full body weight on any one string of webbing and you'll never see them flip over or get tangled up like we humans do.

   Why?? Why is it so much harder as a human? The list of reasons is quite long honestly. The # 1 reason comes down to not being taught the right life skills like time management.

   Example: When nobody teaches you to throw in laundry mid week because you have a busy weekend planned and Monday rolls around without a clean outfit to work that double shift, you might be going to work in last weeks B.O. scent... Mid way through your shift your grabbing deodorant and body spray every hour to combat that stink. Too bad trying not to stink has now put you behind in your work. Now you have to stay later or become reprimanded. Getting home late put's you behind in other household chores. So much to do and all you want is a shower and clean clothes. By the the time your clean and changed your exhausted, scrounging the kitchen for a late dinner you undoubtedly eat on the couch or in bed with the first bit of tv you've been able to watch all day. The day is already over and all you have accomplished on a personal level is a new intense body odder you've never smelled on yourself before. Oh, and don't forget to throw that laundry in before you fall asleep or you'll be back at it all over again tomorrow creating Ode de Stink 2.0... 

   Time management is the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome. As a list making Virgo you wouldn't think I'd have had these issues in life to overcome. Too bad we are living in an era designed to distract, DiStRaCt, DISTRACT. It's challenging for us all! 

The Struggle Is Real...

Write a to do list, set an alarm clock, find your balance, and get it done!

You Got This!

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