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To Supplement


Not to Supplement?

Tis the Question.

For years I called BS on the supplement movement. Until my own health deteriorated... After seeing my doctor to find out why I've developed a chronic case of CRS, and can't keep weight on as a Organic Eating Yoga Instructor she wanted to ask some questions and run some tests. After discovering I've had migraines since childhood, & a myriad of other little thing like hair, skin, & nail conditions she ordered vitamin and mineral testing for me down at the lab. I was shocked with the results. I was lacking in every area except calcium where I had more than needed. I couldn't believe it at first. After all, I am known as the HEALTHIEST person in my family. Completely embarrassed by this turn of events I hit my favorite pharmacy and went shopping. Armed with what I still deem as an outrageous amount of supplements I went home to begin my new regimen. 


Yes and no. In the beginning I bought the cheapest bottles available, after all I was recommended to go obtain 8 different supplements just to start out. 3 months later my doctor ordered the same testing again. I had marginally improved. WTF?? I followed her instructions explicitly! Bought and took all the things! Why?? Now she wanted to know what brand of supplements I bought and that's when I find out that a ridiculous amount of companies fraudulently claim a higher mg per capsule than actually packaged. Cough~FRAUD~Cough

Completely outraged with this information I felt I should have been given with the original supplement prescription, I went back to the pharmacy AFTER hitting the internet hard for research on these companies. Now a day's I have to go to 4 different locations to buy what I need. I hope for better regulations, and honesty to enter this field of life. NOBODY should have to walk past 4 fraudulent brands and completely leave the store to go find a legit brand. They shouldn't even be allowed for sale. 

My take away, 

If you are serious about your health, do the research before you accidently throw your money away. Legit brands DO WORK! I couldn't tell you when my last migraine was. My memory, energy level, plus my mood have improved and are still improving. I'm finally holding the same weight and feel good! 

At the end of the day,

Genetics and environment are key players in this. That's why my organic lifestyle wasn't enough for me. We are all wired differently ergo we all have different needs. There is not a one size fits all approach to this. SOMETIMES a general men's or women's multivitamin just isn't gonna cut it. My insurance covered all of the testing costs with my doctor. If you have a phobia of doctors you can order testing online to be sent out to a facility. Most of the websites I've checked run from $60 to $175 depending on how detailed the test and you can receive your results in 10 to 14 days for most at home testing. 

You Got This!

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