Life is a Party!

Posted by Brittany Lewis on

When life get's you down,

Turn It Up



I love music! It is so full of expression and feeling. Such as life, you get the high notes and the low notes all in the same song... It's funny how we appreciate the beauty of music much more than we appreciate the beauty of our own lives sometimes. Life's low's only get you down to the point you need to be at to build that sound back up! I absolutely love Orchestra and EDM for this very reason. I blast this music and dance through the highs and the lows feeling every beat, every crescendo, and every base drop to my very core. If it has lyrics, I'll sing along. If it's happy I smile and laugh as I dance. If it is sad, sometimes I cry through my dance. My point with this is, life is a party. No mater what song is playing there will always be someone who is dancing. It might as well be you. 

You Got This!


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