It Is Up To You!

Posted by Brittany Lewis on

I wake up every day and know it is up to me to build the life I want. It is up to me to maintain the life I want once I have it. AND it is up to me to upgrade that life even further should I so choose. 

That being said;

A little help along the way never hurts.

Being picky about the type of help I receive is a big part of getting where I want to go. I refuse to hand over control of my dreams to anyone else for the sake of "Getting there faster". Once someone else is in control you may not like where you end up. Their dream for you may not even be close to the one you have for yourself.  Does that mean I deny everyone's help? No. That would be silly and counter productive. Checking the pros and the cons before accepting is recommended. Be aware that hidden agendas can exist in unexpected people. Be prepared to cover your back and say no if it doesn't feel right, AND, be prepared to say yes when it does! 

However, it is ultimately up to you to make your dreams come true.

It takes a lot of hard work and faith in yourself. Stay the course and never give up!

You Got This!

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