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Do you have a negative mindset? Does your thoughts center around a "if only" thought process?

If your answers are Yes, you need to remember,






To be happy, you have to think happy! This starts with simple things like searching for just 1 thing that you love, is going well, or something your proud of. Maybe it's simple like Joy from parenthood, or your fur babies. Maybe it's a talent like painting or creative writing. Whatever it is, find it, appreciate it, and be proud of it! This simple step will have you feeling happy every time you focus on it. 

7 years ago I devoted my Facebook Page to Promoting Positivity in an attempt to turn around my own mindset. I was going nowhere fast. Miserable working in business management for a global company I was mentally burnt out. Everything was just ANOTHER THING TO DO, instead of, SOMETHING TO ACCOMPLISH. I remember my mindset was, it takes 29 days to form a habit or to break a habit. My plan of action became;

Maybe if I post positively, I can become positive...


No joke, no scam, no catch. I started by following positive people. Shout out to Jay Shetty. I can't remember when I stumbled across his page, but he has inspired me in way's I didn't think were possible 7 years ago. My next step was to simply share this posts from my new positivity role modals daily. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me after the first month! By the second month I was systematically deleting or unfollowing all of the negativity popping up on my news feed. By month three my Facebook looked SOOO different you would have thought someone else took over my page! 

This was quite literally the beginning of me taking back control of my life. Today, my life is very different. A couple years ago I changed my carrier direction and became a Yoga teacher. I started my own business promoting Peace, Health, Self Love, and Positivity with everything I do. 

You Got This!


I'd love to hear your story if you would like to join the discussion in the comments!!

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